A good story?

So I have this amazing boyfriend who I love dearly. But one day when I came to town, he was with a skinny dark haired girl who could sing beautifully and wear anything and look good in it.

Now. I was shocked, we fought for the first only for me to find out I ” cry” too much, and I never compliment the little things on him, like eyelashes. (Seriously) that was his reason for having a child with me, only to move on without anybody knowing and fuck a new bitch, who by the way, pretended to be completely nice to me while I wanted to jump off a cliff since desperately trying to make him love me again was a fail.

Anyhow, I just wanted to get all this off mutt chest because thankfully, it was a horrid nightmare and not real. I made sure with confirmation text in the morning. Poor boyfriend.

I did warn him about hooking up with a dark haired Barbie however, because I would make her ugly. 🙂

Photo blogs

I friggin ADORE photo blogs. I swear it makes my day to come in here and see top ten photos for something (like tree tunnels for instance) amazing blog btw go see!

Anyhow, here are some of my beautiful masterpieces I took myself. Note sarcasm 🙂


Mr grumpy


Toothless !


My babies


&….a random sketch of Sephiroth to end with a bang.

How’s that for photography hmm?

What movies teach

Okay, if you’ve ever seen how to train your Dragon, continue reading and have an open mind. If you haven’t, it’s a must see & then you’ll know more of what I’m talking about.

Remember how the Vikings were dead set against dragons and researching every way possible to dispose of them? Except one. Hiccup. Scrawny, gentle, and afraid of everything and everyone, especially his dad.

Then he catches the one Dragon no one’s ever seen nor know anything about other than the fact it never misses. Right?

So more to my point of this whole mini novel. It’s life itself in an amazing animated comedic form.

In a small village there’s one person who’s always different, like the world. Only few stand up for what they believe in and try to convince the entire universe to think differently; even a smaller amount succeed at that difficult task.

Although everyone including him feared what we’re thought to be vile killing machines, once fed, they were harmless.

Now I don’t expect to get a thousand likes or follows from this, but those of you who do happen to read the whole way through I think you get my drift. Why judge people based on appearance or stereotypes that they’ve been labeled by.

It’s just like pitbulls, or Africa. Everyone thinks pitbulls are deadly attackers with no mercy, and that people in Africa are all poor and full of aids. All I’m asking is to open your eyes and think about it.

That’s my speal for the day.

Over and out.

Nice guys finish last not because they’re nice, but because they say they are

love this haha. comical and so true


Our guest contributor this week is Eva Finn from WiseBefore25.com

Have you ever been in a position where your friends and family are telling you that you’re too picky and to lower your standards? Well, I get that a lot. Now you wouldn’t think jury duty would be a great opportunity to meet men, but I have a girlfriend who met her husband that way. So when I was asked to perform my civic duty, I thought I should at least be open (although I did bring a book and brace myself for a day of boredom).

When I reported to the waiting area (or the holding area, as I like to think of it), I assessed the seating situation and decided upon this table that looked more comfortable than the auditorium. A guy was sitting there, whom I really didn’t pay too much attention to at first. But he…

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