A good story?

So I have this amazing boyfriend who I love dearly. But one day when I came to town, he was with a skinny dark haired girl who could sing beautifully and wear anything and look good in it.

Now. I was shocked, we fought for the first only for me to find out I ” cry” too much, and I never compliment the little things on him, like eyelashes. (Seriously) that was his reason for having a child with me, only to move on without anybody knowing and fuck a new bitch, who by the way, pretended to be completely nice to me while I wanted to jump off a cliff since desperately trying to make him love me again was a fail.

Anyhow, I just wanted to get all this off mutt chest because thankfully, it was a horrid nightmare and not real. I made sure with confirmation text in the morning. Poor boyfriend.

I did warn him about hooking up with a dark haired Barbie however, because I would make her ugly. 🙂


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