When life throws you a curve ball

Well, late night reminiscing about the normal deep bedtime thoughts.

Boys, career, travel, dreams, and mistakes.

Who would we be without them?

I’ve done some messed up shit but I’ve truly learned that you’re going to have a thumb and index finger full of people you can honestly count on.after you start trying to grab a handful, the nuts usually slip out of your grasp.

No that wasn’t a dirty reference .

Really though, I love few, dislike a couple, and only hate when I still haven’t found a reason to respect those that have honestly hurt on purpose.

Good night, and think about it.

Best friend, a significant other (for some) and parents(again, for some) are all you’ll ever need to stumble through life’s inclines.

Appreciate what you have, strive for what you don’t, and never stop believing in yourself. Only then will you find true happiness.

At least that what I believe for now.

Sweet dreams,



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