Nice guys finish last not because they’re nice, but because they say they are

love this haha. comical and so true


Our guest contributor this week is Eva Finn from

Have you ever been in a position where your friends and family are telling you that you’re too picky and to lower your standards? Well, I get that a lot. Now you wouldn’t think jury duty would be a great opportunity to meet men, but I have a girlfriend who met her husband that way. So when I was asked to perform my civic duty, I thought I should at least be open (although I did bring a book and brace myself for a day of boredom).

When I reported to the waiting area (or the holding area, as I like to think of it), I assessed the seating situation and decided upon this table that looked more comfortable than the auditorium. A guy was sitting there, whom I really didn’t pay too much attention to at first. But he…

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