Nice guys finish last not because they’re nice, but because they say they are

love this haha. comical and so true


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Have you ever been in a position where your friends and family are telling you that you’re too picky and to lower your standards? Well, I get that a lot. Now you wouldn’t think jury duty would be a great opportunity to meet men, but I have a girlfriend who met her husband that way. So when I was asked to perform my civic duty, I thought I should at least be open (although I did bring a book and brace myself for a day of boredom).

When I reported to the waiting area (or the holding area, as I like to think of it), I assessed the seating situation and decided upon this table that looked more comfortable than the auditorium. A guy was sitting there, whom I really didn’t pay too much attention to at first. But he…

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Unwritten permission

Alright. I didn’t start this blog to bash but this is my opinion on name calling, we’re going to delve into it a little bit too and maybe someone will take away what I’m about to say. I know you may have heard it before but all of us seem to have forgotten.

Slut. Whore. Bitch. Asshole. Asschin. Skeeze. Jackass. The “n”word.. Put “fucking” in front of any of those and it makes it ten times worse.

The list goes on, right? So many wonderful words to choose from..Now. Who the hell thought they could create these words? Couldn’t have been someone who thought it would hurt less than violence.. Words are much worse than a punch to the face because they linger, and a punch often follows them anyhow.

God I love society. Even the classy celebrities, they’re not the worse (& I only say this because I’m assuming not to believe everything you see in the papers) but they don’t set a good example. Lyrics are one thing, but the way they treat each other and the stupid tv shows they come up with, that all it is, is fighting. Fighting over nothing, for entertainment, & setting a terrible example to whatever person is watching it.

I’m not just talking kids, I despise children. I’m talking adults. They’re worse because they can actually think for themselves, or at least that’s what we say isn’t it. We’re just grown up versions of pooping screaming drooling babies that can walk around and hit harder.

But seriously. All this same sex gender (ssg) bashing is driving me up the wall. The goal isn’t to kill each other off people. If you want to tell someone off, learn how to dodge a punch and throw a mean hook when they swing first. You don’t have to degrade someone like a bully to feel satisfied. You don’t have to beat someone else up when they degrade you. 1 up them and prove you’re better than that. For one you’ll be the classy one, and two it’ll piss em off even more!

My big point to this story is that when you call other girls bitches and sluts, all your doing is giving guys permission to do the same exact thing. It’s like African Americans. You hear “n” said in movies a thousand times between blacks. Majority of those conversations are happy conversations. They’re just saying that instead of brother, or cuz, or dog. I mean, a white person couldn’t get away with that, so why train him to think it’s okay, or “cool”even. The other half of those convos are angry ones, trying to intimidate and show how gutsy they are by using that word, and normally and flaws they have. “Fuckin fat black n****” I know I’ve never used that word I’m a bad context, not once in my life because I know what it started out as, and y’all do too.

Sorry for the rant, but think about it.


Nice guys

You ever meet an actual nice guy? Doesn’t make fun of anybody, teases everyone in such a way that they cant help but smile & feel special, the nice guy who can upkeep a conversation with anybody and who stands up for his friends.

These nice guys are what every girl says they want,until they have him. He’s too nice, or too safe and bitches just have to go looking for trouble.

“It’s not you it’s me”was never so true in this case, yet when said to a nice guy, they automatically place the blame on themselves.

What does this do to them? Makes them even more obscure and everyone they’re the perfect ideal man for a girl, they get hurt and the blame grows and hangs over them like a dark cloud.

I just had to get that out:) lady’s, smarten up. Men don’t always be to be more of an asshole, sometimes you need to be less of a bitch.

Ps. This is first hand exp. And when I stopped being a shallow heartless fool I found one of these nice guys when I wasnt looking.

So nice guys: stay genuine
Ladies: If you dig deep enough they have a little risk and danger in them too, only difference? They won’t break your heart like assholes, sex gets better & you learn how to laugh again. For real.

Nice guys rock.


A Huge fan.

What if

What’s the first thing you would do if your were the opposite sex for a day?

Me? I’d masturbate! Gotta know what that’s all about from a first hand perspective.

But in all fictional seriousness, wouldn’t it be golden?

I’d be the idiot with a permasmile on my face, confined to my room the entire 23.5 hours I was a dude. The other .5 would be drawing my name with my wiener on the sidewalks 🙂

So, what would you do?

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” E.Roosevelt

It speaks for itself. Quotes are one of my favorite things because each one has a story. You never know the true story behind one, & it leaves room for your creativity & imagination when you come across one that catches your eye. As for this one being my favorite… that will remain a mystery 🙂 for now.

Day one