A good story?

So I have this amazing boyfriend who I love dearly. But one day when I came to town, he was with a skinny dark haired girl who could sing beautifully and wear anything and look good in it.

Now. I was shocked, we fought for the first only for me to find out I ” cry” too much, and I never compliment the little things on him, like eyelashes. (Seriously) that was his reason for having a child with me, only to move on without anybody knowing and fuck a new bitch, who by the way, pretended to be completely nice to me while I wanted to jump off a cliff since desperately trying to make him love me again was a fail.

Anyhow, I just wanted to get all this off mutt chest because thankfully, it was a horrid nightmare and not real. I made sure with confirmation text in the morning. Poor boyfriend.

I did warn him about hooking up with a dark haired Barbie however, because I would make her ugly. 🙂

Nice guys

You ever meet an actual nice guy? Doesn’t make fun of anybody, teases everyone in such a way that they cant help but smile & feel special, the nice guy who can upkeep a conversation with anybody and who stands up for his friends.

These nice guys are what every girl says they want,until they have him. He’s too nice, or too safe and bitches just have to go looking for trouble.

“It’s not you it’s me”was never so true in this case, yet when said to a nice guy, they automatically place the blame on themselves.

What does this do to them? Makes them even more obscure and everyone they’re the perfect ideal man for a girl, they get hurt and the blame grows and hangs over them like a dark cloud.

I just had to get that out:) lady’s, smarten up. Men don’t always be to be more of an asshole, sometimes you need to be less of a bitch.

Ps. This is first hand exp. And when I stopped being a shallow heartless fool I found one of these nice guys when I wasnt looking.

So nice guys: stay genuine
Ladies: If you dig deep enough they have a little risk and danger in them too, only difference? They won’t break your heart like assholes, sex gets better & you learn how to laugh again. For real.

Nice guys rock.


A Huge fan.